For iPhone 6 and later devices, call your local iQor Tech Services to reserve a battery prior to visiting the store.

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Drone Repair Services

Don’t let accidental damage keep your drone grounded for good! Depend on the professional, convenient drone repair services at iQor Tech Services. Our technicians are trained to repair everything from damaged propellers and cameras to malfunctioning landing gears and compass boards. Request a free estimate on your drone repair services from your local iQor Tech Services store.

We Perform a Variety of Drone Repairs Including:

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Hull Replacement
gimbal and camera icon
Gimbal / Camera Replacement Upgrade
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Compass Board Replacement
landing gear icon
Landing Gear Replacement
propeller icon
Propeller Repair or Replacement

Drone Repair Center

As a drone repair center, iQor Tech Services proudly serves the community with expert drone repair services. From common repairs like battery and LED replacement, to more advanced repairs such as firmware upgrades or motor replacement, count on iQor Tech Services for quick, quality drone repair.

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